Smooth Collie Puppies Ontario

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Smooth Collie Puppies Ontario. Please contact us by email or phone. Kaymann collies would love for you to follow us on our blog!

Harlequin Sable Smooth Collie Puppy Cheramore Collies Hhod
Harlequin Sable Smooth Collie Puppy Cheramore Collies Hhod from

Athena is a beautiful 2 year old smooth collie blend. Canch thistle brae treasure island. Wyndlair occasionally has collies in all colors:

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The mother and father are very gentle, easy going dogs, they both love attention and are great with kids as well! To help insure our pups grow into adults with that melting collie expression, we assist puppy buyers in achieving the exquisite look that comes with properly tipped over ears. Rough and smooth collies of distinction. Both the smooth and rough collies are native to scotland where they worked as herding dogs.